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Alright, the rest of my book horse love doodles

The bottom ones are pretty old so I didn't bother coloring them, just a bunch of vague Twilights in love with whomstever
One lil Quibblelight doodle with Quibs standing on his tippy toes to kiss his gf on the snoot bcs he is tiny and Twilight is a growing goddess

The colored top ones are all poly ships of Twilight and Pinkie (Twinkie) with a third because I'm weak

We got Twinkie + Sombra;
he is tired and sad and that has Pinkie a lot mellower sometimes but mostly they all support each other and Twi reads stories for the cuddle puddle

Twinkie + Treehugger;
You better bet your tailend that Pinkie and Treehugger had a thing at one point in my headcanon, but this one explores these three hanging out together, doing yoga and reaching into a deeper more genuine part of themselves, Twi is not sure about this and a very unflexible nerd while treehugger seems unaffected by gravity and the limitations of her limbs , Pinkie is having lots of fun, also headbands for everyone

Twinkie + Tempest;
Gonna be real here, this one is my least favorite, something about Twilights face is super off and the way I did black outlines make Tempests features kinda dissapear but oh well, live n learn.
Tempest, after her inevitable surrender and rejoining the equestrian nation, took on the new position of soldier for Twilights budding guard, after a lot of research and soul searching Twi helped tempest create a prosthetic horn from magic chrystals and of course gave her favorite edge girl a tight fitting armor with fitting decals.
Pinkie is the one who did most of the soul searching with Tempest, while she looks mean here, the red one is actually incredibly gentle and has grown into her castle life and Pinkie is a pro at making her fluster and feel like a young foal.
Also cheekbones that can cut diamonds, and the addition of the headcanon that not just her horn was lost during her incident with the ursa but her tail too, after her wounds turned into a nasty infection there was no way to save her slowly decaying tail after she'd not sought immediate medical attention for it, Twi insists Tempest looks like the most adorable deer she's ever seen.
safe1588646 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24642 king sombra12777 pinkie pie204728 quibble pants1438 tempest shadow15623 tree hugger2665 twilight sparkle284710 alicorn198009 alternate design2239 armor21803 armpits41683 beard3258 blushing178003 crown14313 ear piercing22028 earring18237 faceless pony7 facial hair5068 female929554 flustered224 glasses55493 hair bun2903 heart43638 jewelry52057 king sombra gets all the mares38 leonine tail7380 lesbian92547 male309680 neck fluff649 nose kiss104 piercing35440 pinkiehugger5 polyamory6256 prosthetic horn132 prosthetics3019 quibblelight8 regalia16681 royal guard7075 shipping185590 sombrapie71 straight122781 straight hair189 tempest becomes a royal guard165 tempest gets her horn back183 tempestlight3436 tempestpie51 throne2833 tired2896 twibra295 twihugger2 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116197 twinkie1729 twinkiebra1 twinkiehugger1 twinkiepest1 yoga622


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Nightmare Moon is the dark colored character that I can think of that has lighter outlines. Luna, Chrysalis, and Sombra all have darker outlines. Were there any other examples.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

it's interesting if you look at the show vectors, ponies who have a dark enough coat of fur actually have a lighter color for their outline.

oh and I think the problem with twilight's face is her eyes are too close together.

all the friendship stories are p. cool