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safe (1428279)artist:uotapo (816)princess celestia (83604)sunset shimmer (50624)alicorn (163340)pony (697355)unicorn (202984)equestria girls (159525)blushing (153699)burger (1320)clothes (355408)cropped (34891)crown (10749)cute (148347)eating (7548)eyes closed (67901)food (51053)glowing horn (13589)happy (23824)hay (1302)homesick shimmer (221)hoof shoes (2815)horn (26069)jacket (8753)jewelry (38987)leather jacket (2512)magic (57460)open mouth (104090)peytral (1642)regalia (12269)shimmerbetes (3408)standing (8225)sunset wants her old digestive system back (37)telekinesis (20693)uotapo is trying to murder us (182)


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Background Pony #9EB1
I like to imagine her storming into the pet store, absolutely livid that their hay is of poor quality, and hesitant to reveal what makes her an expert on that.
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