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So this is me whenever I try to make something serious and I can’t accomplish it, but when I make a silly drawing I can finish it in a few hours.
safe (1428845)artist:aureai (107)oc (524991)oc:aureai (49)oc only (364114)pegasus (187930)pony (697681)adorable face (825)aureai is trying to murder us (2)chest fluff (25741)clothes (355587)confused (3322)cute (148445)ear fluff (17793)female (759699)floppy ears (41301)flower (18389)flower in hair (5331)fluffy (11503)folded wings (3191)hoof fluff (626)leg fluff (1749)mare (334989)open mouth (104157)pony.exe has stopped working (3)raised eyebrow (5378)raised hoof (32066)scarf (17459)simple background (290688)sitting (46074)smiling (183109)solo (875765)stuck (1912)weapons-grade cute (2704)white background (72129)wing fluff (1236)


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