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this might be a crack ship. but when I saw it for the first time I instantly fell in love with it

fallenangels5414's pictures of Tempynx were the inspiration for this one :)
safe1585605 artist:eulicious135 pharynx873 tempest shadow15581 changedling7348 changeling40686 pony853158 unicorn270170 blushing177465 broken horn12886 crack shipping3531 eye scar4486 floppy ears46775 flower22434 flower in mouth600 interspecies20844 mouth hold15587 prince pharynx622 rose3524 rose in mouth202 scar10548 shipping185187 simple background348364 tempynx18


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Background Pony #8872
"Wait, someone in this godforsaken place understands the words 'security detail', 'operational security', and 'chain of command'? Take me now."
"That's … nice, Prince Armoire."
Background Pony #E33C
Dad who is the bravest changeling prince and ex commander mom that once take over Canterlot under three minute and know martial art.
Bravest and awesome family if this two could start one.