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Sunset realized that she might have made a small mistake. Cake does look tasty though… maybe a bit too tasty. Hmm…


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Demon sunset Use magic to take it and go away!

Doomguy:…….The Fuck!?

Master chief: You really think you can trap a Smart demon like this? if is really work, i will do and all enemy will on it! but i dont! why? a demon a not stupid as you think!

Demon Sunset: Hmmmm this make is good! eh? what goin on?!(transform back to sunset)
Sunset: eh? Hey i am back to self again!

Doomguy: WTF!?

Master chief: eh look the box!

Doomguy: eh?! ( Harmony cake! very useful again someone who a be turn evil , this cake can turn pure evil to turn and purefied those turn evil, this cake is can't kill, this cake is equip with a spell make those become evil be actract to it! Warning dont let Pinkie pie one, she will become hyper active for month!)

Doomguy:…….Who a set me this?

Discord: WHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You most see the look of your face, Prizeless!

Master Chief: Of course is be him!


Master chief:………..

Discord:…wow is me or he got no sens of humore or dont know Fun?

Master Chief: i think kill demon is his fun!

Discord: he got a big Problem!

Master chief: now you talk of problem, look!

Discord: (seee all Rookie spartan do tea bag on all dead body) OH!

Master chief: the Time those guy do this i got the time to finich the mission befor all them a finich to tea bag all enemy them a kill! all Rookie do this! i in a other hand got respect to my enemy! i only kill them thas all!

Discord:……is this is the perfect plan to get a shot to the head by the enemy!

BOOM!(one them got shot by a plasma grenade)

Discord: Seee!

Master chief: this will take years to make them as great soldier! now this is the 3th be kill coz of this!

Discord: is me or all will be kill for this?

Master chief: This is a Battlefield not a video game!

(note The real Master chief never do tea bag on the face of those he kill, only the player do it! chief dont do this! if he do it , he will be kill! in war you got no time for this stupid action, if you do it , you will get shot! ask a real soldier and will tell you the same! is complet the mission not do tea bag on all enemy you kill!)
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Demon sunset: Serieusly? dont you know i can take it with my magic and teleport away? very stupid! this can a trick work only on tv! Baka!
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A CHEESE Changeling
Flaming things attracts demons better. Doomguy should have lit the entire cake on fire.
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Reminds me of of Doom Guy's Mind.

"Eat some cake! I said eat your ****ing cake! IT'S BULLET CAKE! Did anyone not get a slice?!"