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Original picture belongs to Gouhlsrule 

This next gen belongs to me and my sister xXCuteCookieSwirlsXx
safe (1413348)artist:ilaria122 (312)oc (517956)oc:applemel (12)oc:chocolate candy (8)oc:harmony (69)oc:sapphire blue (17)oc:shining swirls (10)oc:sky (81)oc:velvet star (30)equestria girls (157426)applejack's hat (3644)belt (3535)boots (15797)bracelet (6561)cardigan (71)choker (7035)clothes (350595)converse (4389)cowboy boots (1097)cowboy hat (10215)denim jacket (19)denim skirt (1184)dress (34531)hat (63456)high heel boots (4374)high heels (7990)hybrid (11545)interspecies offspring (5221)jacket (8561)jeans (2343)jersey (370)jewelry (37920)leather jacket (2484)leggings (1313)miniskirt (3622)next generation (4992)offspring (28376)pants (9576)parent:applejack (2706)parent:caramel (584)parent:cheese sandwich (1365)parent:discord (2353)parent:fancypants (616)parent:flash sentry (2174)parent:fluttershy (3339)parent:pinkie pie (3068)parent:rainbow dash (4252)parent:rarity (2994)parents:carajack (544)parents:cheesepie (1178)parents:discoshy (750)parents:flashimmer (173)parents:flashlight (1876)parent:soarin' (1894)parents:raripants (416)parents:soarindash (1433)parent:sunset shimmer (1155)parent:twilight sparkle (6106)sandals (3327)shoes (23501)simple background (286520)skirt (31139)sneakers (4117)socks (48446)spiked belt (12)spiked choker (938)spiked wristband (839)sports bra (1794)transparent background (149805)wall of tags (1738)wristband (2372)zipper (557)


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