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(Pharynx walks around Twilight’s castle trying find someone. Someone who he hasn’t seen a week.)
Pharynx: (dear sweet Chrysalis, princess sparkle butt needs give these rooms some signs to indicate which is which. Or better yet, a map of this weird place)
?: Come on, Tempest! You can’t stay in there forever! Everyone is worried about-
Pharynx: (Oh. Her pet. Grubber.)

Grubber: (notices Pharynx) OH! Hey! Your bug boyfriend is here!
Tempest: (inside her room) Tell him to go away and go to Tartarus!
Pharynx: ??
Grubber: uuumm. (Turns to Pharynx) Um, maybe is not a good time. Come back again?
Pharynx: heh, you honestly think I take no for an answer. (Transforms into a gorilla and rips the crystal door. Transforms back)
Grubber: 0.0
Tempest: o.e…………………..T.T……Go home your Highness.(on her bed, turns away and doesn’t look at them)
Grubber: Don’t be sad, I’m right for ya-(about to enter in but gets a wing block from Pharynx)
Pharnyx: Can you give us a moment, please?
Grubber: (looks back and forth to Tempest and Pharynx then shrugs) All right, I know when I’m not needed. (Starts walk off)

Pharnyx: Oh! At tell her royal friendshipness that I’ll fix the door. (Looks at Tempest)………………………..Soooo, Ocellus told me that you weren’t feeling well for a few days then locked yourself up in here for 2 days. What’s wrong?
Tempest:…….Tell her I’m sorry….And nothings wrong, I’m just not feeling very well.
Pharnyx: Hey if your still sick, then should really see a doc-
Tempest: NO!……no. No.
Pharnyx: ….Fizzy. You can tell me what’s been bothering you. (Walks over to her, to the side where her face is)
Tempest: ( face is a mix of sadness and anger, but sits up in her bed)………………ok. Well, you know I’ve been puking for the past few days. And at first I thought it was something that I ate. But it wasn’t food poisoning, and one of Twilight’s friends jokingly thought it was because of thinking I’m pregnant…..welp.(picks up the ‘Test’) The joke wasn’t funny. (Shows him the test with a positive on it)
Pharnyx: (dumbstruck)……………………..Wait. What?!..But But..Y-yyour a.. and I’m aaa
Tempest: I kinda was like that as. But apparently it happened.
Pharnyx: Wait! Then why are so sad about?! Don’t ponies usually celebrate this kind of thing?!
Tempest: Cause those ponies want to have a family. No offense, I don’t mind having a family, but I didn’t expect to start now!! I’m not ready for this! Not to mention, it’s not a normal baby! I’m not happy! I’m terrified!(sniffs)
Pharnyx: (hugs her) Do you think I’m not gonna help you get through this? Your not alone here, Fizzy. We’re gonna get through this. Together.
Tempest: …(sniff)..thank you… I’m suppose to be tough, why is this one time I really am scared.
Pharnyx: (hugs her tight) I don’t really know. Maybe that shows how normal you are.
Phew! That writing took the wind out of me!
Ive been thinking about this arc for a while. And Next Gen Babies to come later!

Pharnyx and Tempest Shadow © Hasbro and DHX
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