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ATG DAY 22- Draw a pony celebrating your favorite holiday / Draw a pony partying too hard

These two will try their damnest to celebrate Heart's and Hooves Day together. Not even the bitter winter of February or a bad case of the flu can stop their love on this day.
safe1599816 artist:binkyt11959 derpibooru exclusive24824 oc616266 oc only412403 oc:gusty breeze22 oc:sally peppa7 pegasus251895 pony868694 unicorn278691 atg 2018725 caring for the sick86 chibi13240 ear fluff24651 female1272448 leonine tail7292 male338284 mare432351 newbie artist training grounds5584 oc x oc13545 shipping186175 sick1677 stallion95831 straight126167 tissue box236 underhoof47306


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