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ATG DAY 22- Draw a pony celebrating your favorite holiday / Draw a pony partying too hard

These two will try their damnest to celebrate Heart’s and Hooves Day together. Not even the bitter winter of February or a bad case of the flu can stop their love on this day.
safe (1425946)artist:binkyt11 (890)derpibooru exclusive (20248)oc (523698)oc:gusty breeze (18)oc only (363209)oc:sally peppa (7)pegasus (187174)pony (694125)unicorn (202214)atg 2018 (740)caring for the sick (81)chibi (11148)ear fluff (17722)female (757751)leonine tail (5834)male (257071)mare (333932)newbie artist training grounds (4445)oc x oc (11094)shipping (164055)sick (1486)stallion (72692)straight (109163)tissue box (213)underhoof (41168)

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