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Hoo boy, this one took me forever to coordinate and draw!

Full rendered group commission for Eventide, Vee, Sweet Heat, Golden Aegis, Starburn, Violet, Daf, Heat Wave and Tyrant! Plus guest starring Emi and Violet cause reasons~

And yep, that’s some latex transformation and stuff going on in the alt, lol. Probably not 100% kiddie friendly, but still safe enough to go on this blog I think.
safe1586741 alternate version34772 artist:sugaryviolet672 oc611432 oc only412536 oc:emi goat20 oc:flat spin69 oc:golden aegis18 oc:pepper slice62 oc:starburn207 oc:sugary violet103 oc:vee60 oc:vee ness41 oc:violet seren65 bat pony43736 cow2938 crystal pony4236 goat1031 goo1263 griffon25045 pegasus243999 pony853987 unicorn270480 bat pony oc14444 bell3778 bit gag1169 blushing177679 bow24598 bridle3225 clothes413484 collar29073 commission53570 cowbell941 cowified520 gag13321 glass4080 glowing eyes9896 grin33338 hair bow13493 hat77357 horn44655 hug25642 latex10403 latex suit2979 leash6915 mask5536 paws4384 pegasus oc5515 smiling217902 species swap18329 stockings28947 tack3819 thigh highs28822 transformation9869 underpaw1408 unicorn oc4754 wine glass1255 winghug2635 wings78467 witch hat2478


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