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Hoo boy, this one took me forever to coordinate and draw!

Full rendered group commission for Eventide, Vee, Sweet Heat, Golden Aegis, Starburn, Violet, Daf, Heat Wave and Tyrant! Plus guest starring Emi and Violet cause reasons~

And yep, that’s some latex transformation and stuff going on in the alt, lol. Probably not 100% kiddie friendly, but still safe enough to go on this blog I think.
safe (1426902)artist:sugaryviolet (637)oc (524156)oc:emi goat (19)oc:flat spin (69)oc:golden aegis (11)oc only (363323)oc:pepper slice (61)oc:starburn (174)oc:sugary violet (101)oc:vee ness (36)oc:violet seren (60)bat pony (35734)crystal pony (3616)goat (822)griffon (21314)pegasus (187410)pony (694633)unicorn (202484)bat pony oc (10051)clothes (354985)collar (24529)commission (40510)grin (27971)hat (64580)hug (22581)jewelry (38875)mask (4394)micro (7575)necklace (12235)paws (3555)smiling (182796)tree (22543)underpaw (986)upside down (4478)winghug (2338)witch hat (2022)


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