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safe1945658 artist:threetwotwo322321726 applejack186347 rainbow dash257153 earth pony350501 pegasus394874 pony1295397 alternate hairstyle32933 animated111628 annoyed6266 bow36739 clothes549487 cloud37239 couch10416 cute231854 dashabetes10804 dialogue78602 duster1034 ear fluff40496 featured image1046 female1579000 floating4797 floaty524 frown28007 gif39192 glare8661 hair ribbon224 hairband1560 jackabetes7064 looking back72345 maid6905 maidjack45 mare603771 mouth hold20828 no pupils5033 open mouth193048 perfect loop1832 pillow22104 pointing4914 prone30416 rainbow douche368 ribbon8076 sexy36717 smiling323441 tail bow7201 unamused20155 underhoof60885 window10927


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Applejack starts smacking Rainbow Dash with duster.  
Rainbow: “Ow ow Aj stop!”  
Aj: “Sorry sugar cube but there’s a clock right in front of me that needs a desperate cleaning!”  
Rainbow: “Ow I don’t even own a clock…ooooh you meant that as Ow!”
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Artist -

MEEsta not MISSta
omg for days i thought this said “i missed you a lot!” n i was like “aw sweet : ) but why is she in a maid outfit”
aahahhaha im so fuckin dumb
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
@Background Pony #E0E8  
@Mix Heart  
I’m aware of these things. I’m saying I figured Nittany Discord was commenting on her sexuality when he said, “Rainbow Dash should just get us femstallions to clean her house. Of course, it might take the fun out of this whole maid thing for her. Then again, it might not. ;)”
Mix Heart

Also, I was making the point that being attracted to a gender/anything or anyone has nothing to do with Love and Friendship. A Lesbian and a Gay guy can get Married, have kids and live a good life. The attack on the family structure hurts me, it makes me sad. Friendship is magic and I believe this to be true in a way. Do I need to break out into song to convey my message?
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Dashie: Trololololol  
AJ: =Turns around with a devious grin and uses her feather duster on Dashie=  
Dashie: =bursts into uncontrollable fits of giggles=