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safe (1462507)artist:ryuu (152)applejack (150746)rainbow dash (207471)equestria girls (164257)equestria girls series (25151)lost and found (201)adorasexy (7921)anime (3810)applejack's hat (4171)arm behind head (1736)armpits (36985)beach (11325)belly button (61090)blushing (158649)board shorts (56)clothes (367411)cowboy hat (11104)cute (154810)dashabetes (6955)duo (40868)duo female (6137)female (789255)geode of super speed (1598)geode of super strength (1476)glasses (48427)hat (67406)jewelry (41303)looking at you (125326)magical geodes (5794)midriff (16667)necklace (12825)one eye closed (21404)sand (1670)scene interpretation (7113)sexy (19570)shorts (10565)sleeping (19692)smiling (189188)stupid sexy rainbow dash (1176)sunglasses (11784)swimsuit (21543)umbrella (2121)wink (19274)zzz (2008)


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20 comments posted
The Dark Pony's avatar
The Dark Pony
I’d like to see one of her swimming next. (She does actually swim, right? What’s the point of having a swimsuit if you won’t go swimming, besides she’s an athlete)
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Sci-Twi Lover
The Rainbooms’ Instagram :
"20% Relaxed in the summer day, forget AJ sleeping on the background! XD"

Rainbow Dash : Ha! I’m really the coolest and cutest gal in this pleasant beach day!
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