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DH: Go Indigo! Go out and Zap to the Extreme!
Indigo: Whatever, loser.
DH: How rude.

I’m actually really proud of this one. I think it turned out great.
Admittedly, I don’t think Shadowbolts minis would sell too good, but I still want them.

Next is Lemon Zest!
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5 comments posted
Background Pony #F47A
They released Glimmy as a part of a set. I think the Shadowbolts would be released as a set if they ever released them as EQG Minis.
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DarkHooves's avatar
@Background Pony #04F3
They did? You wouldn’t happen to have the sales figures, would you?
I’m not calling you out. I’m genuinly curious on how Hasbro’s sales went.

But alternatively I’ll say that the EG Minis line was created after Friendship Games premiered. And with Hasbro focusing on toys with a "Storyline Association" (That is, a movie or tv show to springboard from), it’s hardly surprising that they release minis according to the new EG media they put out.

Still, the Mall releases was a fanservicy-type collection with only 4 sets connected to the media (unless I’m really down on my EG lore). But that’s the only one so far. Hopefully we’ll get another "legacy" type series someday with the missing minis.
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Background Pony #306B
Is this part of Equestria girls minis line it should Becouse she was in Equestria girls and she deserves to be part of Equestria girls minis line.
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