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So this is how I imagine the Sonata and Aria minis would be sold. Ofcourse it comes with a useless piece of cardboard with Adagio printed on it for those that missed out on buying the doll. And an extra pair of wings for those that did buy the doll!
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The only EqG mini I own is the Twilight Sparkle doll wearing the outfit she wore during "Cafeteria Song" (the CHS Wondercolt sweatshirt and ears and tails and star skirt) but if Hasbro made an Aria doll and Sonata doll, I would definitely buy them :)
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@Evil Emperor Proteus
Pretty sure Flash only got one doll. Unless you count the Single and the School Dance Collection, and even then it’s the same doll.
But Trixie and Vinyl is also the only characters (besides the manes ofcourse) to ever get two figures.

Roseluck probably was made because pink sells on its colour alone. Not that she isn’t cool, but I’d rather have Lyra.
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Evil Emperor Proteus
It is worth noting that Trixie and Flash both got two Minis. Then again, a lot of the decision making on who gets a Mini is based on market research focusing on the sales of the dolls. For example, Roseluck got a Mini because her doll was very popular, probably based entirely on her design and maybe her name.

Some are probably forced, like Starlight Glimmer, though her Mini wasn’t sold by itself.
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Evil Emperor Proteus
Sonata almost had a mini but it was scrapped and the head for her they produced was recycled for Slumber party Twilight.

If they do release Aria and Sonata, I hope it’s their civilian outfits and not their Welcome to The Show outfits, and this includes a second Adagio Dazzle mini for the purpose of having her in her main outfit.

Also, I loved Sonata’s sunglasses, I hope they bring them back when and if she appears again.
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