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Now that I have covered the Mane 6, it's time to reintroduce more headcanons! To start, I present one of my personal favorite ships, MaudLight. (I know the MLP show canon puts Maud with Mud Briar….we will see what happens).

No major changes to the designs here: Dr. Maud Pie is slight shorter now.

Starlight Glimmer:
After a rocky start, Starlight became fast friends with Ponyville's geologist, Dr. Maud Pie. The two mares spent multiple afternoons "escaping" from the chaos of their lives, Starlight from Twilight and Maud from her sister Pinkie. However, as time moved forward, Starlight felt more for her friend, more than merely "getting her" or even genuine friendship. Starlight fought these feelings of affection for Dr. Maud Pie for almost a year, constantly rationing with herself that she possibly could not have feelings for a mare. After a chaotic adventure in Ghastly Gourge with hungry quarry eels, Starlight managed to confess her feelings for Maud, who returned them passionately. After having a small wedding ceremony in Ponyville, the two mares set out to find a magical stone that, legends told, when combined with a magical spell could turn a mare into a stallion temporarily to sire a child. With sheer dumb luck, the mares found the stone, with Starlight eventually caring their first foal, the unicorn Amethyst.

As a mother, Starlight is a stubborn worrying mother hen, especially for Amethyst who grew up a wild child. Where Maud is almost stoic towards their children, Starlight seems to be the loudest voice, and thus more often than not the quick disciplinary. Starlight eventually learned how to calm herself and breathe once and a while, but it took until both Amethyst and Chal were teenagers.

Fun Facts:
— Starlight is the tallest mare of the family, but barely.
— Starlight served as the magically changed sire to create Chalcocite.
— Starlight serves as the Vice Headmare of the Friendship School, serving as Headmare when Princess Twilight is off on royal duties. Starlight also serves as Twilight's personal assistant after Spike ran off to the dragon lands.

Dr. Maud Pie:
Although she grew up in a strict and traditional family, Maud always felt a stronger attraction towards mares over stallion, not confessing any of her thoughts and feelings well into her adulthood. After receiving her rocktorate and moving to Ponyville, Maud almost immediately fell hard for her new friend Starlight. After a few years of "what ifs", then a dangerous confessional adventure in Ghastly Gorge, Maud finally learned of her friend's returned feelings, causing the earth mare to propose marriage shortly afterward, then quickly start a family after finding the legendary magical transformation stone, eventually caring their second foal, Chalcocite Quartz.

As a mother, Dr. Maud Pie is the silent parent, often letting her children do whatever they want without protest (except from Starlight occasionally). Maud only raises her voice when her children or lovers seriously messed up: when Maud raised her voice, ponies know to run for the hills!

Fun Facts:
— Dr. Maud Pie is the shortest mare in her family.
— Maud served as the magically changed sire to create Amethyst.
— Maud is kinky as sh*t. Maud is the initiator of her relationship
— Maud often leaves Ponyville to conduct geological research, often bringing her daughter Chal, leaving Starlight and Amy to butt heads more often than not.
— Maud is referred to by both of her daughters as "Maudma"

Amethyst Swirl:
Amethyst Swirl is the first daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Dr. Maud Pie. At first glance, one may think Amy is a delicate flower maiden mare waiting for a prince to rescue her; however, once Amy starts talking, a pony immediately learns that Amy is probably the most daring, stubborn, and adventurous mare in Equestria. Although born to both a magically gifted unicorn and an intelligent earth pony, Amy always felt herself more a "street smart" unicorn, often learning her lessons through action. Throughout her carefree and adventurous marehood, Amy butted heads with her equally stubborn and worrisome mother Starlight. Both unicorns felt they knew better than the other, causing a lively household. Despite her own stubborn attitude, Amy loves her family dearly, letting nothing get in the way of sharing her emotions and embarking on crazy adventures in dark jungles and desolate deserts.

Fun Facts:
— Amethyst is abnormally lean due to a fast metabolism.
— Amethyst LOVES sharing her adventure stories and bragging about her daring escapes.
— Amethyst cannot dance to save her life.
— Amethyst adores Daring Do and hopes to meet the pegasus adventurer one day, preferably in the jungles.
— Amethyst is a frequent visitor to the Sparkle Crystal Castle to meet with her friend Dawn Dreamer, and the Crystal Empire Castle to drag Prince Shinning Breeze on another adventure. She may or may not feel attractio towards the stallion, much to the confusion of every pony.

Chalcocite Quartz (Pie):
Chalcocite Quartz (Pie) is the second daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Dr. Maud Pie. Growing up, Chal always felt like an outsider: between her unusual interests, her habit of correcting teachers, and her quiet nature, Chal never seemed to make too many friends. "Maudma" told Chal that other ponies merely "didn't get her", much as ponies never understood her during her own marehood. Chal seemed to truly express herself while on geological expeditions with her "Maudma", eventually find her passion in the historical treasures she dug up. When not digging, Chal prefers the company of her equally calm cousin Pinni Pie or other quiet ponies.

Fun Facts:
— Chal can chisel through rock with her hooves like Maud.
— Chal is highly sensitive, especially to loud noises and strong odors. This is especially challenging when attending a Pie family reunion with Pinkie, Razzleberry, and Cheese.
— Chal loves cats.
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