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I just don’t understand why they never made a Sonata and Aria mini to go with Adagio. You’d think someone would tell the suits at Hasbro that people are more likely to buy all three than only one. But alas, it seems that this ship has sailed. This is just therapy for me at this point.
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Background Pony #7A3F
Add a mini Taco Tuesday poster accessory for her to hold and were good to go! B)
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DarkHooves's avatar
@Background Pony #5FC9
I that’s probably true.
I’m just saying that if you have a trio that never were apart in the movie, the chance of someone buying all three goes way up. And thus not offering Sonata and Aria might have hurt sales of Adagio.
But this is probably my "I love the EG minis" feelings getting in the way of business.
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Background Pony #5FC9
It’s really a dice roll if villains sell or not. The original Aria and Sonata dolls didn’t sell, and Adagio dolls were scares at best.
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