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Text Adapted from An Anon’s RGRE Prompt.

Cum Variants, 5x Res, and Very soon, a Sunset Shimmer Version on my Patreon

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explicit343294 artist:pshyzomancer471 twilight sparkle296647 human151687 ahegao23985 blushing192578 breasts269664 complete nudity3676 cowgirl position6829 estrus1606 female1336141 horny1005 humanized98701 insertion17417 looking at you163130 male362677 male pov7115 nipples161396 nudity361516 nymphomaniac21 offscreen character33075 open mouth140095 patreon12425 patreon logo8557 penis149788 pov13640 speech3131 straight133463 text58073 vaginal insertion6250 vaginal secretions39045 vulva124521


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Background Pony #C977
Guy from the RGRE thread, here. Once in a while the whole "mare goes through the mirror or otherwise turns into a human woman" idea gets thrown around, and it's not uncommon for short greentexts and prompts related to the subject matter to include the concept that mares only go into heat once or so a year, and are unprepared for the constant low-grade arousal that humans (comparatively) have to deal with, being able to have babies any time of the year they want.

I found the specific post on desuarchive and it specifies that Sunset (the focus of the one-shot rather than Twilight) is constantly horny because ponies have heat cycles while humans do not. That was a good thread.
Background Pony #4AA1
Maybe she just holed herself up in the Canterlot Library/Golden Oaks Library/Friendship Castle library whenever she went into heat as a pony.
Maybe she tried to do that in the Canterlot High library after arriving in the EQG world, but she realized sooner or later that her arousal wasn't going away.
Background Pony #C977
I am formally requesting a link to the archives for that RGRE prompt. Please and thank-you.

I agree with that statement so much. I wish we could get a picture of her and Sunset exchanging words.
Twilight: And you (HAHNNG) Do this often!? <3
Sunset: Now you, (Squeals 'Yeah') know why I stayed; HUMAN! (Fuck yes!)

In Treue fest
Always loved "Species Switching Complications" as a premise and the execution here is simply delightful.
Nice to see Twilight getting a taste of humanity in the most erotic manner possible.

Wake up. We're here.
Well, considering that horses don't feel sexual urge except estrus periods and humans have no such limitations, she may be just not used to constantly suppress her fertile body's demands. And so it goes…