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Hheeey, This is the reason for all my inactivity ;-; I haven't been inspired lately, so I decided to make a Next Gen Guide like everyone else. (Thank you kilala97 for making this Guide)

cracks knuckles and drinks hot chocolate


Princess Luna, married to Snowdrop and Divorced from King Sombra.

Elexus- Son of Nightmare Moon(Princess Luna) and King Sombra. Adoptive son of an Old Zebra. Half-brother to Starlight.
Starlight- Daughter of Snowdrop and Princess Luna. Half-sister to Elexus. Sibling to Night Remedy.
Night Remedy- Parents are unknown, adoptive son of Princess Luna. Sibling to Starlight and Elexus.

Celestia, married to Discord.

(Princess Chocolate) Raine- Only daughter and First born of Celestia and Discord. Older sister of Axel.
(Prince Axel- Only son of Celestia and Discord, youngest child. Younger brother of Raine.

Princess Cadence, Married to Prince Shining Armor.

Princess Amore De La Cielo (Skyla)- Oldest and first born of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Older sister of Radiant Dawn.
(Princess) Radiant Dawn- Youngest child of Cadance and Shining Armor. Younger Sister to Skyla.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, married to Double Diamond.

(Princess)Snowlight- First born of Twilight and Double Diamond. Older sister to Cosmic Wave and Star Swirl.
(Prince)Cosmic Wave- Second born, middle child of Twilight and Double Diamond. Younger brother to Snowlight, older brother to StarSwirl
(Prince) StarSwirl- Youngest of Twilight and Double Diamond. Younger brother to Snowlight and Cosmic Wave.

Rainbow Dash, Married to Soarin.

Jet Wind- Oldest daughter of Dash and Soarin. Two Minutes older from Sunset Rainbow Aurora. Older Sister of Solar Blitz.
Sunset Rainbow Aurora (Rainbow Jr.)- Second Oldest of Dash and Soarin. Two minutes younger from Jet Wind. Older Sister of Solar Blitz.
Solar Blitz- Youngest and Only son of Dash and Soarin. Younger brother to Jet Wind and Sunset Rainbow Aurora.

Fluttershy, Married to Bulk Biceps.

Humble (Shy Biceps)- Oldest and only Son of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps. Older brother to Pastel Lilly.
Pastel Lilly- Youngest and only daughter to Flutteshy and Bulk Biceps. Younger Sister of Humble.

Pinkie Pie, Married to Cheese Sandwich.

Party Thumper- Oldest daughter of Pinkie and Cheese. Two minutes older from Marble, and Four minutes older from Joy Streamer.
(Inkie) Marble Pie- Second oldest daughter of Pinkie and Cheese, Two minutes younger from Party, Two minutes older from Joy.
Joy Streamer- Third Oldest, youngest of the triplets and only son from Pinkie and Cheese. Younger brother to Party and Marble.
The Triplets are older siblings from Choco Cake and Rock Candy.
Choco Cake- Fourth Oldest of Pinkie and Cheese. Five minutes older from Rock Candy, Younger Sister of the Triplets.
Rock Candy- Youngest of Pinkie and Cheese, Five minutes younger from Choco Cake. Youngest sister from the Triplets.

AppleJack, Married to Caramel.

Apple Fritter- (deceased) Oldest daughter of AppleJack and Caramel. Older Sister to Sweet Apple.
Sweet Apple- Second Oldest Daughter of Applejack and Caramel. Younger Sibling to Apple Fritter.
*both are cousins to Apple Blossom and Apple Bluck.

Rarity, Married to Spike. Divorced from Fancy Pants.

Sapphire- Oldest daughter of Rarity, Only child of Rarity and Fancy Pants. Older Half-Sister to Adela Le Rose and Kygo.
Kygo- Second youngest of Rarity, Only Son of Rarity and Spike. Younger Half-Sibling to Sapphire.

(Now to the secondary characters that are more involved in the story)~

Blossomforth, Married ThunderLane.

Bluma Mist- Only Child of Blossomforth and Thunderlane. Cousin of Comet Flash.

Scootaloo, Married to Rumble.

Comet Flash- Only Child of Scootaloo and Rumble. Cousin to Jet Wind, Rainbow Aurora, Solar Blitz and Bluma Mist.


Maud Pie, Married to Trenderhoof.

Amethyst Pie- Only child of Maud and Trendorhoof. Oldest out of the Pie cousins. Cousin to the Triplets, The Twins, Ryolite Pie, Jade Pie and Ile.

LimeStone Pie, Married to NoteWorthy.

Ryolite Pie- Oldest and Only Daughter of Lime and Note. Older sister to Jade.
Jade Pie- Youngest and only Son to Lime and Note. Younger brother to Ryolite.

Marble Pie and Braeburn

Ile- Only Child of Marble and Braeburn. Distant cousin to Apple Blossom, Apple Fritter, Apple Buck, and Sweet Apple.

Cheerilee, Married to Big Macintosh.

Apple Blossom- Only daughter of Cheerilee and Big Mac. Cousin to Apple Buck, Apple Fritter and Sweet Apple. Distant Cousin to Ile.

Apple Bloom, Married to Pipsqueak.

Apple Buck- Only son of Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak. Cousin to Apple Blossom, Apple Fritter, and Sweet Apple. Distant Cousin to Ile.

Sweetie Belle, Married to Button Mash.

Day Dreamer- Only Son of Sweetie Belle and Button. Cousin to Sapphire and Kygo.

Fleur De Lis, Married to Fancy Pants.

Adela Le Rose- Only daughter and child of Fleur and Fancy Pants. Younger Half-sibling of Sapphire.

Tropical Dream, Married to Slam Jam.

Zamir (Treble Pitch)- Only Son and child of Dream and Jam.

Trixie Lulamoon, Married to Prince BlueBood.

DukeBlood- Oldest and Only Son of Trixie and BlueBlood. Older brother to Magi Magnifique. Very, Very, (Adoptive wise.) Distant cousin from Elexus, Starlight, NR, Raine and Axel.

Magi Magnifique- Youngest and Only Daughter of Trixie and BlueBlood. Very, Very, (Adoptive Wise.) Distant cousin from Elexus, Starlight, NR, Raine and Axel.


Queen Chrysalis, Married to FlufflePuff.

(Prince Huggles) Pharaoh- Only Son/Hybrid/ Child of Chrysalis and FlufflePuff. Youngest sibling from the entire Changling Army. Heir to the Throne.


ALL DONE. I hope you guys like it, and understand it. I will change it later on as things go on in the show and in my next gen c:

I will answer any questions you guys have, and I will put them here as a FAQ. c:

"Ultraverse" Belongs to me, the MLP:NEXTGEN characters belong to me. Princess Skyla and MLP:FIM belong to hasbro and Lauren Faust as well as Bonnie D. Zacherle.
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