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safe1724889 artist:malinraf1615231 applejack171354 big macintosh28518 caramel2526 cheese sandwich4013 fancypants1947 flash sentry12989 fluttershy214660 pinkie pie217995 rainbow dash235967 rarity183427 soarin'14090 twilight sparkle302837 alicorn228072 earth pony255795 pegasus299063 pony985208 unicorn331400 applejack's hat7678 bandage5763 bedroom eyes60194 blushing200642 boop7486 carajack428 cheesepie1378 chest fluff39967 cowboy hat16300 eyes closed95451 eyeshadow16033 facial hair6011 female1379457 first aid kit141 flashlight2786 floppy ears53121 fluttermac2951 freckles29444 glowing horn20003 grin39506 hat88197 horn70325 hug28660 levitation12285 magic74179 makeup22042 male379339 mane six32204 mare489930 moustache2935 noseboop2868 one eye closed31488 open mouth149514 raised hoof47404 raripants283 shipping202500 simple background400240 smiling253773 soarindash4850 stallion111688 straight138084 sweat26899 sweatdrop3293 telekinesis28168 tongue out105833 transparent background205090 tsunderainbow413 tsundere2904 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124799 wall of tags3392 winghug2940 wink25141


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Background Pony #77F0
All I can say after all these years, looking at my OTPS makes me die inside. :'C Rest in peace, FlutterMac? Like seriously, the show's pushing FlutterCord and SugarMac moreso. There's almost a 0% chance of this happening, but I just can't find myself to give up on that ship somehow ¯\(ツ)
Background Pony #2585
all these makes sense except for a couple. Fluttermac sunk a long time ago and never had a chance really, and I think Fancy Pants would be better with Fleur