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Princess Luna x Celestia yuri ♥ SFW/NSFW 4K jpg + video process etc >> patreon.com/axsens
suggestive (112974)artist:axsens (9)princess celestia (83580)princess luna (87940)human (130668)absolute cleavage (2291)alicorn humanization (126)ass (35874)big breasts (56359)bikini (13725)blushing (153669)breast fondling (1928)breast grab (4743)breasts (203280)busty princess celestia (7824)busty princess luna (5357)cleavage (27286)clothes (355290)digital art (7310)female (759002)grope (9091)horned humanization (5771)humanized (87981)incest (11047)lesbian (81761)lingerie (8392)looking at each other (12532)nail polish (5959)princest (1869)royal sisters (3230)shipping (164299)signature (14836)swimsuit (20896)winged humanization (7599)wings (52844)


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The wings probably had to be ditched in order for the positions to work, but the horn, that’s a good question. On Axsens’ Patreon post they said they used "their second versions from the last works", so it sounds like the poses were recycled so stuff probably had to be omitted to make it work.
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