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Flame To Fire

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Princess Luna x Celestia yuri ♥ SFW/NSFW 4K jpg + video process etc >>
suggestive129810 artist:axsens17 princess celestia89845 princess luna94255 human144496 absolute cleavage2859 alicorn humanization211 ass43278 big breasts71209 bikini16420 blushing178040 breast fondling2151 breast grab6212 breasts245947 busty princess celestia9318 busty princess luna6216 cleavage31437 clothes415163 digital art14016 female1227877 grope11415 horned humanization6419 humanized95274 incest12392 lesbian90465 lingerie9612 looking at each other17097 nail polish6984 princest2035 royal sisters3966 shipping184670 signature19704 swimsuit25706 winged humanization8286 wings81597


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Background Pony #588D
Could be Luna, could be Twilight, personally I thought it was Rarity. The missing cutie mark makes it hard to tell.
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The wings probably had to be ditched in order for the positions to work, but the horn, that's a good question. On Axsens' Patreon post they said they used "their second versions from the last works", so it sounds like the poses were recycled so stuff probably had to be omitted to make it work.