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Owl's headcanon implies an adoptive sibling relationship between little Sunset and Fizzlepop Berrybest Bigsister. You know I dig it!

Also, I drew Junior Gala Tempest because I don't know any better.

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust
safe1588800 artist:kaemantis754 fizzlepop berrytwist8775 sunset shimmer58277 tempest shadow15624 anthro233766 comic:junior gala53 adopted offspring1001 alternate universe9498 black and white12188 clothes414296 cute180826 female929661 filly59961 filly sunset shimmer173 grayscale36176 happy27956 monochrome148260 overalls1481 pants12519 piggyback ride373 shimmerbetes4036 shirt21570 signature19241 simple background349628 smiling218399 tempestbetes2552 traditional art110644 when she smiles945 white background88421 younger15687


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