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safe1587867 artist:krekka0161 lyra heartstrings28112 pony855312 unicorn270918 alternate hairstyle24791 beautiful4778 choker9461 clothes413971 cute180639 dress39944 female916402 gala197 gala dress4283 grin33381 hairclip922 high res21871 implied bon bon103 implied lesbian3105 implied lyrabon101 implied shipping4431 looking at you146144 lyrabetes1233 mare420635 pretty mare3 simple background349305 solo981132 white background88337


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2 comments posted
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Elegant, and the candy piece on her choker is a neat idea for pony relationships. I'll have to remember this for writing couples in the future… which would be a first in my short time as a FiMfic writer.