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explicit392751 artist:replica1996 oc786421 oc only582610 oc:red stroke147 oc:replica199 earth pony320902 pegasus364033 anthro295452 anthro oc32971 bed46836 belly button89683 blushing224087 bored sex295 bottomless14970 bra18069 breasts318824 casual sex1573 cellphone4939 clothes524507 cunnilingus10635 female1515979 glasses72409 lesbian104403 mare565977 nintendo ds233 nudity423379 oral54382 panties54915 partial nudity23718 peetzer142 phone8545 pictogram2064 redlica11 sex138763 socks76047 underwear67222 vulva147906 white underwear3647


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Background Pony #2C6A
Replica: Did you stuff pizza up your snatch?  
Red: What!? No, of course I didn’t!  
Narrator: But she did.
@Crimson Prose  
Yeah, texting your GF on her DS. Real legit.
Background Pony #19C9
Oh how I’d love to have more like this. Any chance there’s any fimfiction out there with this kinda casual sex in it?
Background Pony #B266
casual, nonchalant sex seems hot!
though is she powering the lamp from her phone?
Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
Tsk. A girl eats you out and you can’t even get her a pizza? What’s the point of putting out if your date doesn’t buy you stuff for it?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
If eating a girl’s snatch makes you think of pepperoni peetzer, it’s either the greatest or the worst thing ever.
Never [say] no to peetzer!
Words to live and die by.