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explicit337664 artist:replica1753 oc652582 oc only431674 oc:red208 oc:replica141 earth pony229596 pegasus271636 anthro249187 anthro oc29050 bed39192 belly button73912 blushing188887 bored sex266 bottomless13102 bra15206 breasts264669 casual sex699 cellphone3213 clothes440967 cunnilingus9327 female1317701 glasses59072 lesbian93880 mare456331 nintendo ds205 nudity355277 oral46902 panties48639 partial nudity19341 peetzer116 phone5722 pictogram1909 redlica11 sex115576 socks63498 underwear58745 vulva122167 white underwear3457


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Background Pony #2C6A
Replica: Did you stuff pizza up your snatch?
Red: What!? No, of course I didn't!
Narrator: But she did.

@Crimson Prose
Yeah, texting your GF on her DS. Real legit.
Background Pony #19C9
Oh how I'd love to have more like this. Any chance there's any fimfiction out there with this kinda casual sex in it?
Background Pony #B266
casual, nonchalant sex seems hot!

though is she powering the lamp from her phone?
Crimson Prose
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

Gore Fics For Fun
Tsk. A girl eats you out and you can't even get her a pizza? What's the point of putting out if your date doesn't buy you stuff for it?