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Skyward - Ponies at Dawn

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A number of new students present.
safe (1339811)screencap (151793)auburn vision (147)berry blend (231)berry bliss (231)citrine spark (189)citrus bit (12)cozy glow (2469)creamy nougat (5)end zone (43)fire flicker (41)fire quacker (189)gallus (3597)golden artifact (29)gooseberry (16)huckleberry (183)lemon crumble (27)lilac swoop (15)loganberry (54)maud pie (10429)night view (47)november rain (265)ocarina green (20)ocellus (2743)peppermint goldylinks (238)sandbar (3043)silverstream (3370)slate sentiments (49)smolder (3465)spike (62592)spitfire (11533)starlight glimmer (34361)strawberry scoop (132)sugar cookie (135)sugar maple (56)summer meadow (89)trixie (52133)violet twirl (58)water spout (11)yona (2835)a matter of principals (854)background pony (6327)bow (16757)classical hippogriff (3234)dragon (30866)earth pony (125146)female (679614)friendship student (715)hair bow (8734)hair bun (1896)hippogriff (5671)male (230123)mare (295767)pegasus (163348)pony (606665)school of friendship (680)stallion (63547)student six (989)unicorn (173239)unnamed pony (1574)

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