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My headcanon of the best ships in the show. Original images linked below.
>>1504242 scitwishimmer
>>1727983 rarijack
>>1682560 flutterdash
>>1708956 startrix
>>603793 cmc threesome
>>1373654 silvertiara
>>895931 lyrabon
>>1788031 scratchtavia
>>1736248⬅️questionable mayorwhinny
suggestive (113003)artist:drantyno (177)artist:d-tomoyo (78)artist:eulicious (134)artist:eve-ashgrove (687)artist:odaefnyo (39)artist:pandaamanda11 (42)artist:racoonsan (352)artist:sevenowait (9)artist:vest (333)edit (99043)apple bloom (43598)applejack (147723)bon bon (14644)diamond tiara (9045)dj pon-3 (26673)fluttershy (184058)lyra heartstrings (26091)mayor mare (2827)ms. harshwhinny (2038)octavia melody (20955)rainbow dash (203799)rarity (157546)sci-twi (18773)scootaloo (46500)silver spoon (5814)starlight glimmer (37988)sunset shimmer (50626)sweetie belle (43807)sweetie drops (14634)trixie (56024)twilight sparkle (260309)vinyl scratch (30768)human (130715)equestria girls (159534)abstract background (9240)accessory swap (1500)adorabloom (1971)alternate hairstyle (21267)anime (3565)apple tree (2229)armpits (35550)barefoot (21568)bare shoulders (1293)beats by dr dre (14)bikini (13729)black background (3601)blushing (153705)book (27052)boots (16025)bowtie (7261)bra (12307)breasts (203345)cardigan (72)cellphone (2309)cleavage (27298)clothes (355426)clothes swap (720)cloud (28461)cloudy (5826)coca-cola (192)collaboration (4051)colored pupils (7518)commission (40580)couch (5946)cougar (534)cowboy hat (10486)crusaderbetes (9)cuddling (7019)cute (148354)cutealoo (2187)cutie mark crusaders (16240)dark skin (3368)dashabetes (6651)delicious flat chest (3858)diamondbetes (393)diamond tsundiara (40)diasweetes (2142)dress (34996)eating (7549)embrace (393)eyes closed (67902)feet (29514)female (759375)flutterdash (3987)food (51057)glasses (46966)grass (6873)hat (64689)headcanon (1857)headphones (5894)holding hands (1910)hug (22613)humanized (87993)jacket (8755)kissing (20059)kneesocks (873)lesbian (81792)light skin (4486)looking at each other (12536)lyrabon (2798)mayorwhinny (22)miniskirt (3785)missing accessory (6702)off shoulder (1056)on back (19979)one-piece swimsuit (3356)open mouth (104098)pajamas (2493)petting (1487)phone (4239)popcorn (1274)rarijack (6018)scitwishimmer (1923)scratchtavia (2664)shimmerbetes (3408)shipping (164347)shoes (24041)shoulderless (230)shyabetes (9402)side slit (1045)silverbetes (199)silvertiara (368)simple background (290576)sitting (46054)sitting on lap (151)skirt (31515)skirt lift (4173)smartphone (1245)smiling (183026)snuggling (6124)socks (49095)startrix (2183)stockings (25344)sundress (216)sunsetsparkle (3975)swimming pool (566)swimsuit (20903)tavibetes (358)thigh highs (23501)toes (4770)tree (22582)tsundere (2404)twiabetes (8055)undercut (260)underwear (49622)vinylbetes (362)wall of tags (1779)water (9844)white background (72106)

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Mal Hearts
On that last part… If only that were true…. I wouldn’t be single.

As for the rest, Rarity just seems to spoiled and whiny to be mature.

But yes, I do see it as possible (maybe G5 will do it). As for Sparity, only in Equestria.
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With that reasoning, it’s more plausible that RariJack can actually work really well. Like you said, AJ is kinda like the mother/big sis for the entire group, and the way she was raised, both from the show and implied (meaning how she coped with her parents untimely passing) shows me that for the most part she is remarkably mature. Rarity is similar in that set, probably becasue of her ambition and working with others. Both are grounded in their own ways, and naturally one could see a romantic bond form between the two. Granted, I still think it’s more Best Friends rather than lovers, but the compatibility is stunning…Practically opposites attract, even if w/o the romantic tint.

I still like Sparity, and always will, but I have to admit, RariJack’s a possible canonical ship if there could be one. And most relationships, especially long-lasting romantic relationships, start with a deep friendship. AJ and Rarity got those in spades.
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You are right, there is something there between Applejack and Spike, but it’s more of a big sister/little brother vibe with them. Not to mention next to Twilight (or Princess Celestia; depends on your headcanon), there isn’t anyone there to be a mother-type figure for someone like Spike. I think Applejack is the ideal mentor primarily because she’s kinda like the mother that Apple Bloom probably doesn’t know much about…
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Actually, I just though about this: back in the commentary for Season 1 of Friendship is Magic, there was a lot of smoke and comments where the production crew stated that the reason that Spike has a crush on Rarity is just to show how beautiful and attractive Rarity is, and that they originally was set so that Spike would have a crush on Fluttershy. I think that when Equestria Girls showed up, Spike the Dog was a way to have the original plan between Spike and Shy come back into play. Think about it: Fluttershy geode, the Kindness geode, allows her to be able to talk to all animals, and it’s thanks to Flutter’s internal magic that Spike gained the ability to talk as a dog.

I just think it’s a nice piece of trivia…
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I wouldn’t necessarily say that Hasbro ruined it because of Spike the Dog, but even though there are still interactions with Spike and Rarity, it seems more that there is more chemistry between Spike and Starlight Glimmer, as well as Spike and Ember.

So if the love bug does bite at some point, Spike is gonna have a soft landing…

And Populuxe Cowboy, thanks for the response. I have to admit, I really do ship some of the ships you support, especially StarTrix and FlutterDash. It just really feels like it could really become canon at some point, you know? ScratchTavia is another one I really adore. And let’s face facts—it’s all PC with Lyra and Bon Bon being "Best Friends!", but everyone can see the obvious signs that they are romatically involved, and honestly, I kinda wish Hasbro would have some balls and straight up tell the world that they are girlfriends, just like it’s obvious that Scootaloo is is disabled (she can’t fly) but the powers that be won’t say it publicly…Heck, NICK is already ahead of the curve with same-sex relationships…oops, apppears that I’m going off topic….

Anyways, thanks for the response.
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Enjoy me. Won’t you?
You’re not judging and you’re not demanding I justify my ships. You’re just curious, and I’m happy to answer. The biggest reason these are all lesbian ships is I simply like them best. But another reason is a lack of shippable men. In Equestria, most of them are already married or in a relationship, like Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Shining Armor and Cadance, Big Mac and Sugar Belle, even Cranky and Matilda. Not too many left. Spike, Discord, Snips, Snails, Sunburst, Doctor Whooves, Iron Will, Braeburn, Bulk Biceps, a few others. Not a lot to choose from. There are a few more men in the human world. Flash Sentry and Timber Spruce are obviously there as romantic interests. I like Flash for pony Twilight, but Timber falls flat (if you’ll excuse the pun) as a potential boyfriend for human Twilight. They tell us there’s chemistry between them, but I’m not seeing it or feeling it. So it’s lesbian ships for everyone!

None of this means I don’t like straight ships. I’m quite fond of the Sparity ship, actually. I think Pia-sama’s Sparity art is amazing. But having the Sparity ship would mean I’d have to give up my Rarijack ship and that ain’t happening.
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Disclaimer: I’m a Spike shipper. Flame me if you wish…

With that said, I have to admit, that is a nice collection of ships that you support. A part of me has to wonder if you just have a distaste of males in general with the ships, or maybe it’s too easy/mainstream to have a straight ship. But it’s your personal opinion, so it’s not my right to judge.
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@Just pony
Because all ships revolve around characters with great chemistry together and/or long history of bonding. The only exception being mayorwhinny, but that at least makes for a clever crack ship.
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