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Another Satisfied Customer 2/2 (commission)

Commission by BluesXx.
And Third picture of this serie with chrysalis pizza girl .
explicit337670 artist:hooves-art1113 queen chrysalis33943 rarity177203 unicorn301844 anthro249192 2 handfuls of dat ass2557 3d71350 4k1605 ahegao23593 ass46724 aweeg*337 balls72271 balls deep1526 big balls8948 big breasts77556 blowjob30631 breasts264670 bugbutt1449 busty queen chrysalis3492 commission63014 cum76425 cum in mouth10117 deepthroat5135 dickgirl1755 duo56341 eyeshadow14661 facefuck2111 female1317711 futa43942 futa on female11120 futa queen chrysalis1186 heart46173 horn58487 huge breasts36418 huge butt9277 intersex41920 large butt15397 makeup20121 nipples158043 nudity355284 on back23558 open mouth136287 oral46902 oral creampie4829 rarilis22 source filmmaker43692 table8828 throat swabbing1096


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Considering how big chrysalis was on the other post I can only assume her tip is spewing that load right into raritys stomach. Now that's real deepthroating. Fantastic work hooves this is perfect.

Wake up. We're here.
I prefer bug snatch, while roughly grabbing bugcock and handful of heavy cumsack, which is bloated from liquid lust and begging for relief. Mmm, just imagining how hot and trembling her balls are while weighing down through fingers of my open hand… She's groping and kneading her massive tits, playing and pinching her puffy nipples. All while her tentacled green glowy pussy, oozing with sweet nectar down to the knees is desperately clamping, tugging and sucking at my cock and huge engorged clitoris winking so hard that actually pushing my balls a little…
How I just stay hilted inside, not moving in her, letting her lust-collecting hungry snatch milk me with all tricks she have, while I furiously masturbate her glowy leaky cock, making precum fly in every direction, sometimes stopping to painfully squeeze her oh-so-hard but slightly indenting under my fingers cock like I'm trying to suffocate it. That makes the steady flow of her sticky precum to stop for a while, making a fine spurt when I start to fap her fuckmeat raw again.
Her balls are too round and cannot hold all the lust they're receiving, so she wants to empty them so bad… They are soaked both from her pussy nectar and flowing precum, so when I massage and squueze them to make cum inside to swirl, there is a loud squelching sound of all the fluids between my groping hand and her overweighted sack.
And finally, when her cervix starts nearly sucking at my cock and I cannot keep up more, beginning to give her what she wants, her balls have a visible quake and her shaft vibrates a little from overfilling from inside. For a moment I shove a finger to it's middle knuckle into her flared rod but nothing can't hold this torrent so finger is just shot out with her first searing hot rope of white liquid lust. I cannot describe how magnificent is her climax, I have no words for it, so I won't even try.
But I'll tell you one more thing.
After all of this noone can have his penis flaccid. So this time I just start to pushing it into her big, but tight glowy green ponut. Her pussy starts tugging and sucking at my half-emptied balls, oozing green with my white swirls over clit which is just stuck out now and slightly brushing at my balls. I'm starting to thrust in and out this time and take her cock and deflated cumsack in my hands again, feeling how first batch of condensed lust heavily drops out inside of it.
Time to fill and empty her lustpurse again!
And so I do.

Whew. I need to drink some water…
A question: can she store liquified lust in her boobs, if cumsack is too overfilled? And what do you think about tits, lactating with, essentially, her cum?