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safe1689220 artist:tzc437 wallflower blush2072 equestria girls197931 equestria girls series32501 forgotten friendship5286 anime5307 barefoot27137 blushing194655 clothes453220 erysimum cheiri14 feet39159 female1347179 flower25217 flower in hair7563 sad24310 sitting62261 solo1052337 wallflower12 wallflower and plants70 wallflower is a plant39


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Those leaves looked like Christmas decorations and her hair like a Christmas tree in the thumbnail…
Background Pony #7885
Don't worry i am not going to hurt her, but i sure will make her hurt herself.
Background Pony #7885
Nice to see that you are barefoot WF, now walk down this 1 mile road of these scorching hot, very sharp glass shards, OR ELES! !!
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@Background Pony #1D47
And? Lots of people go barefoot, usually at home. Ya know, because it's comfortable. I'm barefoot right now.

Look Anon, I despise foot fetishists like any other normal person. But don't go out of your way to be a dipshit.