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Background Pony #1715
Sunburst : Mom… Starlight is acting strange again.

Starlight : Silly sunburst don’t you know your mom isn’t at home right now. It’s just the two of us.

Sunburst : W..What do y..you want to do to me.

Starlight : Let play dragon pit
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Background Pony #99E6
Sunburst : Starlight, what are you doing ?

Starlight : We’re going to pretend to be a family. You going to be the daddy and I’m going to be the mommy and the doll going to be our filly. Now kiss me.

Sunburst : W..W..WHAT!!!, b..b..but why should I kiss you.

Starlight : Because our filly need to go to school and you need to go to work. Every day before my dad goes to work he will kiss my mom and sent me to school.
Now kiss me or our filly and you will be late.

Sunburst : You know we just pretending to be a family, right.

Starlight : Just kiss me, Sunburst. To make it more realistic.
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