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artist description:
Yeah I know, that’s too many babies, but I don’t care >:3 (Maybe I’ll do more foals but idk yet, just thinking ’-’)

Ships and and children names:

Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer:

– Starry Dawn; Glowing Night; Sunspace; Aurora Spark; Dusk Comet; Daybreak;

Fluttershy x Discord:

– Eris; [unnamed]; Butterfly; Ruby; [unnamed];

Applejack x Coloratura:

– Buck Note Apple; Buttercup Apple; Golden Apple; Melody Apple; Fuji Apple;

Rainbow Dash x Soarin:

– Spectrum Ray; Rain Bluesky; Cloudlet; Stormy Mist;

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich:

– Pumpkin Pastry; Chocolate "Choco" Coffee; Cookie Rose; Gumball Cream; Red Velvet; Caramel; Bacon Cake; Marzipan Sugar;

Rarity x Spike:

– Emerald; Amethyst; Tanzanite; Rose Quartz;

Maybe soon I’ll do the family tree of each single family of the mane six, but for now its just that :)

Base: UNGG (F2U Base Edit) by SaphyJay
safe (1409711)artist:geekcoffee (31)applejack (145822)cheese sandwich (2976)coloratura (2449)discord (26243)fluttershy (181701)pinkie pie (186922)rainbow dash (201470)rarity (155590)soarin' (12419)spike (67100)sunset shimmer (49717)twilight sparkle (256856)oc (516387)oc:amethyst (78)oc:aurora spark (1)oc:bacon cake (1)oc:buck note apple (1)oc:buttercup apple (1)oc:butterfly (48)oc:caramel (45)oc:choco (4)oc:chocolate coffee (1)oc:cloudlet (2)oc:cookie rose (5)oc:daybreak (100)oc:dusk comet (1)oc:emerald (52)oc:eris (77)oc:fuji apple (7)oc:glowing night (4)oc:golden apple (28)oc:gumball cream (1)oc:marzipan sugar (1)oc:melody apple (1)oc:pumpkin pastry (1)oc:rain bluesky (1)oc:red velvet (101)oc:rose quartz (32)oc:ruby (212)oc:spectrum ray (1)oc:starry dawn (4)oc:stormy mist (1)oc:sunspace (1)oc:tanzanite (23)alicorn (159252)alternate hairstyle (20772)alternate universe (5733)base used (10007)cheesepie (945)discoshy (2312)dracony (4537)family tree (262)female (743187)high res (16945)hybrid (11482)interspecies offspring (5194)lesbian (80189)magical lesbian spawn (8230)male (251852)next generation (4980)offspring (28269)older (17440)parent:applejack (2695)parent:cheese sandwich (1359)parent:coloratura (309)parent:discord (2342)parent:fluttershy (3323)parent:pinkie pie (3050)parent:rarity (2984)parents:cheesepie (1172)parents:discoshy (744)parent:spike (1731)parents:rarajack (158)parents:sparity (1071)parents:sunsetsparkle (321)parent:sunset shimmer (1155)parent:twilight sparkle (6070)rarajack (181)shipping (161553)soarindash (4311)sparity (5845)straight (107690)sunsetsparkle (3914)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100000)


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