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artist description:
Yeah I know, that's too many babies, but I don't care >:3 (Maybe I'll do more foals but idk yet, just thinking '-')

Ships and and children names:

Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer:

- Starry Dawn; Glowing Night; Sunspace; Aurora Spark; Dusk Comet; Daybreak;

Fluttershy x Discord:

- Eris; [unnamed]; Butterfly; Ruby; [unnamed];

Applejack x Coloratura:

- Buck Note Apple; Buttercup Apple; Golden Apple; Melody Apple; Fuji Apple;

Rainbow Dash x Soarin:

- Spectrum Ray; Rain Bluesky; Cloudlet; Stormy Mist;

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich:

- Pumpkin Pastry; Chocolate "Choco" Coffee; Cookie Rose; Gumball Cream; Red Velvet; Caramel; Bacon Cake; Marzipan Sugar;

Rarity x Spike:

- Emerald; Amethyst; Tanzanite; Rose Quartz;

Maybe soon I'll do the family tree of each single family of the mane six, but for now its just that :)

Base: UNGG (F2U Base Edit) by SaphyJay
safe1586439 artist:geekcoffee31 applejack159858 cheese sandwich3658 coloratura2702 discord28934 fluttershy199743 pinkie pie204402 rainbow dash220915 rarity171105 soarin'13349 spike74457 sunset shimmer57534 twilight sparkle283801 oc609049 oc:amethyst97 oc:aurora spark1 oc:bacon cake1 oc:buck note apple1 oc:buttercup apple1 oc:butterfly55 oc:caramel56 oc:choco5 oc:chocolate coffee1 oc:cloudlet2 oc:cookie rose5 oc:daybreak110 oc:dusk comet1 oc:emerald69 oc:eris95 oc:fuji apple7 oc:glowing night7 oc:golden apple32 oc:gumball cream1 oc:marzipan sugar1 oc:melody apple1 oc:pumpkin pastry1 oc:rain bluesky1 oc:red velvet120 oc:rose quartz38 oc:ruby247 oc:spectrum ray1 oc:starry dawn4 oc:stormy mist1 oc:sunspace1 oc:tanzanite26 alicorn199585 dracony5799 hybrid15414 alternate hairstyle24814 alternate universe9527 base used16067 cheesepie1195 discoshy2553 family tree298 female1200825 high res22443 interspecies offspring6188 lesbian90408 magical lesbian spawn10324 male329302 mane seven5933 mane six29687 next generation5705 offspring34058 older23410 parent:applejack3337 parent:cheese sandwich1579 parent:coloratura358 parent:discord2761 parent:fluttershy4120 parent:pinkie pie3577 parent:rarity3585 parent:spike1984 parent:sunset shimmer1285 parent:twilight sparkle7358 parents:cheesepie1361 parents:discoshy921 parents:rarajack180 parents:sparity1249 parents:sunsetsparkle367 rarajack204 shipping184558 shipping chart133 soarindash4599 sparity6291 straight122340 sunsetsparkle4099 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116212


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