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Liked but still felt it was missing some GlimGlam.

So here's an alternate version with Starlight learning her best friend's "socks" can come off.

GlimGlam: >>1209940

Stellar: >>1749213

Sunburst: >>1567613

Basket: >>1782686

Continued at
safe1584914 alternate version35599 artist:dashiesparkle edit366 artist:frownfactory665 artist:tardifice582 edit119437 editor:slayerbvc1714 vector edit2480 starlight glimmer44542 stellar flare1035 sunburst5940 unicorn273244 the cutie re-mark3017 the parent map936 uncommon bond765 basket2731 clothes414072 colt13304 colt sunburst130 female1184743 filly59835 filly starlight glimmer458 laundry126 male324272 mare426266 mother and son2617 raised hoof39343 scarf21008 simple background348489 sockless stellar flare5 sockless sunburst36 socks (coat marking)1747 surprised8183 transparent background180888 vector71319 wide eyes16085 younger15551


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Background Pony #5E73
I thought that was a washing tub at first and Sunburst's mom was telling them to take a bath together.
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Starlight: Huh? You never told me those could come off.

Sunburst: In fairness. I wasn't aware they could, either.

Stellar: Okay then, I'll leave you two be. Laundry will be done in a few hours.