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New rules (commission)
Commission by Lupus Master
Pony model Tempest shadow by @aeridiccorensfw
explicit337659 artist:hooves-art1113 princess celestia92929 princess luna97158 tempest shadow16454 alicorn214323 unicorn301834 anthro249183 3d71344 4k1605 absolute cleavage3118 balls72265 big breasts77554 big penis9820 blindfold4221 breasts264666 broken horn13524 busty princess celestia9875 busty princess luna6638 busty tempest shadow612 cleavage33226 collar31440 commission63007 cum76418 cum in mouth10113 dickgirl1754 eye scar4873 female1317691 femsub10288 full package futa715 futa43941 futa tempest shadow218 futadom1579 good girl489 horsecock65188 huge breasts36418 kneeling8172 nipples158041 nudity355271 penis146709 pet tag1631 royal sisters4226 scar11434 source filmmaker43691 sublestia839 submissive15914 trio8342


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In Treue fest
Without the Storm King controlling her, Tempest has complete control over his vast legions. With the full might of her grand army, she could easily subdue any resistance in her conquered Equestrian territory. Of course, her new regime would mean a definite shift in priorities. Once the princesses are deprived of their magic, there's little reason to keep them as statues when they would be so much more useful as pets for their glorious leader.

They would only require a little training to know their place in the new order. Once they realise their true purpose is to serve their mistress, providing her with pleasure and amusement on demand, they should prove quite manageable.