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Rainbow Dash persuaded Fluttershy to become a Wonderbolts trainee. As flying isn't her strength, she tried other things to convince them.
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explicit337673 artist:pabbley2285 color edit7432 colorist:celestiagonewild46 edit127414 fluttershy207136 pegasus271648 pony918562 anatomically correct22878 anus92890 blushing188897 clitoris25900 clothes440977 colored18710 dark genitals10347 dock47343 female1317731 floppy ears49600 flutterbutt4813 heart46176 looking at you159298 looking back54173 looking back at you13353 mare456339 nudity355288 plot75691 ponut41579 presenting23116 raised tail14515 smiling233915 socks63500 solo1030254 solo female175287 spread wings51713 tail24819 thigh highs33951 uniform10126 vulva122169 vulvar winking11228 wings96369 wonderbolt trainee uniform1187 wondershy57


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Twilight is best pony
Fluttershy as a Wonderbolt? Well, that is new. Considering how bad of a flyer she is, it would be quite of a twist of events indeed. Love her mare bits, though.