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Rainbow Dash persuaded Fluttershy to become a Wonderbolts trainee. As flying isn’t her strength, she tried other things to convince them.  
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explicit392738 artist:pabbley2505 color edit8145 colorist:celestiagonewild46 edit148112 fluttershy229356 pegasus364023 pony1223974 anatomically correct27606 anus110126 blushing224084 butt142688 clitoris31773 clothes524503 colored21169 dark genitals13248 dock57497 female1515974 floppy ears60049 flutterbutt6062 heart55677 looking at you199083 looking back68008 looking back at you19976 mare565971 nudity423368 plot99542 ponut50786 presenting27496 raised tail18748 smiling302264 socks76046 solo1194773 solo female197056 spread wings66901 tail51369 thigh highs43893 uniform12455 vulva147905 vulvar winking13772 wings152798 wonderbolt trainee uniform1267 wondershy60


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Twilight is best pony
Fluttershy as a Wonderbolt? Well, that is new. Considering how bad of a flyer she is, it would be quite of a twist of events indeed. Love her mare bits, though.