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NGR stands for Next Gen Revamp. I'm combining the Crystalverse and Pixieverse. Those two will still be around on their own, but I'll almost never use them and this NGR will be my main universe. As stated in the title, these ships are subject to change.




SilverJack (EStories)

safe1638481 artist:gallantserver218 applejack164491 coco pommel5755 firefly1675 fluttershy205571 pinkie pie209838 princess luna96490 rainbow dash226477 rarity175861 thorax4139 twilight sparkle291632 oc642405 oc:silverlay785 alicorn210909 changedling7832 changeling44070 canon x oc23402 crack shipping3534 dashfly51 female1304329 g114171 heart eyes15178 interspecies21680 king thorax2751 lesbian93042 lunapie59 male350796 marshmallow coco256 polyamory6501 shipping191438 silverjack61 simple background370469 straight129889 thoraxshy13 transparent background192429 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119895 twinkie1729 twinkuna1 wingding eyes20658


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