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My final update of my old speedpaint:
safe1689216 artist:sunbusting48 derpibooru exclusive27989 rarity180221 pony950884 unicorn315977 beautiful5491 bedroom eyes58558 clothes453217 coffee3839 cute197277 date875 female1347174 gloves19657 glowing horn19268 hat85425 looking at you165435 magic72360 mare472562 raribetes5315 solo1052331 sun hat925 telekinesis27283


not provided yet


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Woah, didn't see this version before.
It's so beautiful that I can't even express it with words.
I loved the original one since the first time I saw it, I still spend whole minutes just watching it from my pc.
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I still use the original version as my phone wallpaper sometimes. This will is a great update, and will definitely be taking the original's place.
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Rarity : I know darling.
Me : Wait… what do you mean you know.