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Arguably the worst part of the episode?
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Background Pony #DB5B
15 possibilities…

Queen Cadance did the math here.

Pair possibilities of N nodes is [N(N-1)]/2

Pair possibilities of 6 nodes is [6(6-1)]/2 = [6(5)]/2 = 30/2 = 15
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The Prodigy Unicorn
@Background Pony #4B53
And this is something I honest sick of hearing and I don’t want getting into. Here’s some factor that need to be consider, it’s not as simple as "of course it would be fine". What if the creature live place that either toxic/hazardous to human or vice versa? how would be the party be the same room to do the thing? what if the alien aren’t compatible with the chemical make up when they touch human? what if the quadrillion bacteria that present on human body is harmful to alien? that’s only scratching the surface, there are ton of factors that need to consider, not to mention that scientists still haven’t fully grasp concept of consciousness which determining consent for other being aside human hard in the first place. Real life alien, if they are exist. aren’t going to be looks what’s in the media.
Background Pony #4B53
@Cyan Lightning

You do realize that for real life he is basically talking about hypothetical aliens? And of course it would be fine for a human and consenting alien from outer space to have a sexual relationship.
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Background Pony #83AD
@Adan Druego
Wtf? Just because marrying outside of your own species is wrong doesn’t mean marrying within your family is okay! What’s wrong with you?
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Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
@Background Pony #83AD

Awww, but when I say things like that, I actually have no idea what you said because by the time I checked your comments had already been deleted, I’m being serious and a jerk, I admit it, no shame.

That’s why someone such as I would literally turn life on Earth into Hell.

"My Heaven Is Your Hell."
As much as I dislike the phrase, I must admit that it is indeed rather accurate.

I really hate the ship though, because I ship Silverstream with her brother, Terramar. See my OTP is someone else’s Nightmare Fuel or that Squeaky/Squicky term TVTropes uses to describe incest pairings.
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Background Pony #83AD
@Prometheus labs CEO
Because it’s degenerate, the various species evolved to be tribal, and attempting to integrate those tribes among each other only leads to chaos and despair, and the most degenerate form of this is inter-species romance.
(In case anyone’s wondering, I’m just playing a role when I say things like this, I don’t actually mean anything by it.)
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Background Pony #BE82
Twilight: this is not what you think! Plus i dont mixe fanfition and work! You take for who, Discord?
Discord: I dont Fanfition shipping!
Twilight: I not talk of this! Why You two think of shipping? I ramdomly chose to team up! Plus all the a chosing this way! plus is your job to shipping other, like you shipping celestia with Discord!
Discord: WHAT?! You shipping me with celestia? and not wait me or her a not show be in love to the other? and were make you this?
Cadance: well…were you give flower to her!
Discord: I giving flower for forgiving of betraid her trust on me!
Celestia: CADANCE!
Cadance: eh? time to go!
celestia: Come back here you little!
Luna: What a talk for a Princess of love…more Princess of Shipping!
Discord: she shipping you with Big mac!
Twilight:……….i think will close the school for day , i not feel well!
Students: YAY!
Twilight: but you got home work!
Students: DOPE!
Ocellus: I dont mind!
Gallus: of course you dont mind, you egg head!
Yona: Well Yona will finish her home work go play!
Sandbar: well is a good idea!
Silverstream: will go to the sugar cube coner?
Smolder: Good idea! Spike a tell me of the cupcake with gem, i want a cupcake with ruby on it!
Twilight: Is good you got a plan alter school but remenber to ask starlight to ask a subject to do your home work, 6 group of 6, you all work and diference by group! starlight i true for this!
Starlight: ok, eh are you ok?
Twilight: No, but a nap will mayby help? spike wake me befor dinner!
spike: ok! wow i never see twilight get a headash for little!?
everyone twilight wake out the classe in confuse flying right to lift and lift to right.
Spike: Ok ,she not ok , i will go make sure she go to her room savely , i will coming back alter this!
Starlight: Ok!……i am worry for her!
celestia and luna still run alter cadance.
Discord: i set them out the school?
Starlight: yes befor 3 of them break something!
Discord: i will tell , is will be more save ( loud noise of a window be broken) to late…oh i can see them out of the school!
Starlight: i will ask Twilight if we make pay the domage?
Discord: i will put this wood for now ok?
Starlight: Ok and thanks!
Discord: you welcome!
Yona: Why you not fixe with your magic?
Smolder: Yeah?
Discord: is for prove if the 3 princess need to pay the domage, if is yes, is will be fixe normal way or if is no i will fixe with my magic! we wait twilight feel better!
New Mane 6: OH! Ok!
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