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So, I decided to remade my Rainbow Dash and also try myself into the “wet body”,you know, and I focused here exatcly on her sweet sporty body.
Well.. it’s looks like a little bit wet and it’s my first try and I don’t even good in this stuff. But preactice makes perfect, let’s don’t forget about that.

And I don’t forget about her wings, just wanted to make her body more “brighter” against the background. And I made this art for 24 hours I guess. Not bad I think.
explicit337674 artist:nevobaster236 rainbow dash228069 pegasus271651 anthro249199 absurd resolution65078 alternate hairstyle26701 areola16460 armpits42291 bedroom eyes57023 belly button73915 bench2406 bottle3880 breasts264673 busty rainbow dash7825 clitoris25901 clothes440978 female1317733 fitness58 front view409 locker187 locker room1172 lockers1550 looking at you159300 male355813 mare456340 nipples158043 nudity355289 panties48641 phone5723 power bank5 raised arm277 seductive pose1554 shower3281 smiling233917 solo1030256 solo female175287 sporty style161 standing11462 stretching2248 thigh gap614 thin92 towel3518 underwear58748 vulva122170 wet7703 wet floor8


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Background Pony #2D14
I like how Dashie is doing her hair up before any of her clothes…she certainly isn't afraid of anypony else walking in on her!
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Sigh…. when one of the best feral artists ever finally draws your favourite pony but does anthro… >;/