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Un gran alboroto frente al escenario y algo que llama la atención de Dusk.

Página con el capítulo 29

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safe1635632 artist:bigsnusnu78 amethyst star2447 applejack164235 cherry cola469 cherry fizzy528 coco crusoe584 dizzy twister1031 lyra heartstrings28674 minuette5611 orange swirl1031 parasol598 pinkie pie209529 pokey pierce1319 rainbow dash226184 rainbowshine863 rarity175596 sparkler2299 sunshower raindrops2306 trixie64843 twilight sparkle291204 twinkleshine2127 earth pony222544 pegasus264399 pony900772 unicorn293492 comic:dusk shine in pursuit of happiness55 bondage31926 comic104484 dialogue61801 dusk shine2299 exclamation point3512 female1301782 fluffy13505 half r63 shipping1865 male349890 rope10856 rule 6325792 shipping191056 spanish4250 straight129649 tied up5438 translated in the comments2533 trixshine50 twixie5003 unicorn dusk shine66


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If it’s half r63 shipping, then the Twixie tag is also not needed.

Seriously, I know the characters are genderswapped, but i think Rule 63 ships should be go alone without the normal fandom-canon ship tag.
Spinel Pie

Dusk Shine: Applejack? Rainbow Dash?

Rarity: I told them I was going to go for Dusk. It would not be necessary for them to face her.

Dusk Shine: Wait a minute. Who is 'Her'?

Pinkie Pie: I'll tell you! I'll tell you!

Trixie: There's no one who dares to challenge…

Dusk Shine: She… She is…
Background Pony #E61C
This is a page from a comic series but all the other parts are not on Derpibooru. Apparently from the number of that link, this is page 29.


I think the artist eventually posts up a translation of each page (but first they are in his native language).