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Champions of Equestria

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Draw a pony attaining a goal / Draw a pony enjoying the fruits of its labor

— Oh little Dashie, you’re not only number one at flying competition, but also filly number one in our hearts!
— Totally, my multicolored speedster! And number one at fitting into the trophy bowl!
— By the way, honey, doesn’t she look stuck to you?
— Nah, she looks pretty happy. Ok, maybe a little stuck. Do you know what that mean?
— Dashie, you’re totally number one at stucking!
safe1636068 artist:klemm82 bow hothoof983 rainbow dash226233 windy whistles2000 pegasus264557 pony901178 cute189138 daaaaaaaaaaaw3405 dashabetes8627 female1302165 filly62697 filly rainbow dash1195 happy29415 male350042 mare448167 open mouth132867 smiling229412 stallion100191 trophy692 younger16403


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