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Substitute Luna- ''Pink''ie Moon

Tonight's a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.
You can only see it around Europe.

How? Why?

Alternate source: Tumblr
safe (1524000) artist:flutterluv (603) pinkie pie (198587) surprise (2862) earth pony (179916) pony (798924) series:flutterluv's full moon (65) :d (729) animated (89328) blood moon (235) eclipse (551) female (848555) full moon (2745) happy (26268) lunar eclipse (49) mare (388311) moon (20264) night (21482) open mouth (116197) sitting (51842) smiling (202785) solo (937999) stars (12647) tangible heavenly object (1239) wat (18302)


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ACA alertronic 5000
I’m gonna be spilling some zombie blood tonight. It’s the day 106 horse night in my 7 days to die world and the sky just got red and the blood moon is coming up. I’ve got 115 by Elena seigemen playing to make this more epic.

ACA alertronic 5000
Meanwhile, 7 days to die players be like: OH SHIT BLOOD MOON!!! JIMMY GET THE AK47’s, 44 MAGNUMS, and RPG’s!! WE GOT FERALS COMING UP THE HILL ABOUT TO HIT THE WALL!!!