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"Y'ah know Hex, I could get you some serious customers for your stuff. I know a few guys."
*Hex unamused*
"Okay okay, forget that. How much do I owe y'ah this time?"
"For the potassium nitrate and the sulfur, that will be fifty bits."
"Y'ah know Hex, you drive a hard bargain, but alright, you got your bits."
"These are for educational purposes, I assume?"
"Uh yea, educational purposes….sure."
"You are going to set off fireworks near Twilight's Friendship School again, aren't you?"
"Hey, it ain't my fault those classes are boring! Fireworks add some…excitement to the day!"
"As long as you don't set my lab on fire….again, I do not want to know."


My entry for Qatsby's OVC contest here.

Featured in this picture are my own MLP NG character Hex Mind (left) and her MLP NG chaarcter Mini Nuke (griffon hybrid). I fell in love with Mini Nuke the moment I saw him, the little pesky bird cat being a fan of pyrotechnics. I decided that out of all the NG characters to meet, it would have to be these two "chemists": Hex, the actual chemist and supplier of chemicals (y'ah know, for science), and Nuke the explosion waiting to happen. Hopefully I am not too off character for Nuke!

Also, I decided to tweak Hex's coloring a bit (mostly his coat being grey now).

safe1587258 artist:ganashiashaka90 oc611779 oc only412720 oc:hex mind5 oc:mini nuke3 hippogriff8409 unicorn270683 adopted offspring999 bag3516 cloven hooves9012 interspecies offspring6481 magic66452 magical lesbian spawn10851 male309206 offspring34724 parent:fluttershy4102 parent:gabby75 parent:scootaloo728 parents:gabbyloo42 stallion94081


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