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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Evil Twilight is a natural leader for the mean 6
safe (1321300)screencap (146822)mean applejack (182)mean fluttershy (160)mean pinkie pie (142)mean rainbow dash (131)mean rarity (195)mean twilight sparkle (375)queen chrysalis (26580)the mean 6 (1199)alicorn (142409)animated (78413)bored (1092)canyon (106)changeling (26786)changeling queen (3709)clone (1363)clone six (51)everfree forest (1565)evil (2012)evil grin (2674)evil laugh (281)evil rainbow dash (73)giggling (563)glare (7183)grabbing (429)grin (25174)laughing (5440)laying down (6839)mean six (44)messy mane (5083)pointing (2764)pony (592071)scheming (78)smiling (163670)sound (3379)sprawl (10)stairs (1063)suspicious (208)villainess (64)walking (3046)webm (5229)

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