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coloring “attempt” that would be ten times better if i knew how to shading worked
explicit398624 artist:pusspuss658 color edit8218 edit150291 queen chrysalis38056 changeling55601 changeling queen20188 human186743 pony1248636 comic:how humans make love24 anatomically correct28109 anus112272 colored21401 comic119862 dialogue75916 dock58569 faceless male5446 female1537983 female focus7835 implied human on pony action274 implied interspecies323 looking back69441 male435677 nudity430339 offscreen character41138 ponut51776 solo focus20329 speech bubble29012 vulva150962


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Background Pony #200A
you know i really appreciate it coming from you but i really do hope you consider coloring this set yourself if you ever have the time. i’m sure lots of people would love to see it officially colored.

Wake up. We're here.
I’m sure she can morph a clawtoris, but that’s for rape. As for seduction and pleasuremaking, octopussoir clearly is the best choice. Not just madsaging but caressing… Neat.
Silly Anon had it his way though :D
Background Pony #200A
@Background Pony #73CC  
I wasn’t talking about the hole but rather the half circle shadow that’s on her neck, directly below her chin. Not the hole next to that shadow. Looks like you know what I was talking about anyway though. Yeah, it’s in the original and I think it might be a mistake since it’s barely noticeable in the uncolored version.
Background Pony #3D59
@Background Pony #C3A1
Nope, that’s a hole, it’s supposed to be there. But I did realize that where the shadow wraps kinda loosely down from her face is on the original sketch, which is what I was referring to, so that wasn’t your fault.
Background Pony #200A
@Background Pony #73CC  
are you talking about that dark half circle on her neck? because that was in the original image and I just kept it in because i’m not sure what it was supposed to be.
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Fuck settling for that… While it would be nice i think if she sat that sweet ass on my face i dont think anything could possibly make me harder