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Trade with that Bolt.
semi-grimdark33121 artist:toyminator900768 derpibooru exclusive33828 oc823375 oc only605887 earth pony350797 pony1296090 undead4043 zombie2696 zombie pony939 .svg available9426 bags under eyes2479 bleeding802 blood28246 blood stains291 bloodshot eyes3465 boots27744 bring me the horizon507 clothes549747 colored pupils11750 colored sclera777 cutting191 dripping blood78 drop dead clothing235 edgy1673 emo1107 eyeliner1297 eyeshadow21905 fangs32502 gloves24727 hair over one eye10985 hoodie17463 indifferent78 lidded eyes38103 lip piercing1479 long sleeves666 looking at you212382 makeup30035 male450746 messy mane9014 messy tail348 oliver sykes456 piercing52322 ponified45914 rainbow blood201 raised hoof58637 scar14235 self harm557 shirt31695 shoes48255 simple background490611 sitting77088 socks80178 solo1246222 stallion145652 stitches1115 tattered116 tattoo6991 text74511 torn ear1420 transparent background243240 undershirt546 vector83440 yes309


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