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This was my first attempt at any sort of anthro, and pretty much my first attempt at a human body period.
questionable114629 artist:deltauraart99 derpibooru exclusive35281 starlight glimmer55900 unicorn456329 anthro320983 plantigrade anthro43901 bedroom eyes73725 belly button97351 breasts349162 busty starlight glimmer3084 cheek fluff7959 chest fluff54914 clothes567569 female1623534 leg fluff3985 looking at you221447 mare629365 nipples215126 nudity458983 reasonably shaped breasts190 reasonably sized breasts2900 shoulder fluff2555 sitting80069 socks83186 solo1286152 solo female210115 striped socks25616


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Background Pony #624C
That’s odd if they hate it for that reason, as many sexualize ponies too in their art, not just anthro’/humanization ones.
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@Background Pony #821F  
While I think it’s rare for artists to completely switch body types, more artists shift their focus from pony to anthro than vice versa. I think a lot of people don’t like anthro simply out of preference, though some might not like it because anthro usually means sexualization too.  
That being said, there’s not gonna be a shortage of pony art any time soon. Lots of pony artists will probably never touch anthro.  
EDIT: Also see this comment
Background Pony #7AF8
@Background Pony #821F  
there may be more in total, but that ignores the trend we see today of anthro/humanized/EQG being drawn more often now than in the past. In the old days, there was a lot of anthro but it wasn’t being drawn nearly as often as it is now.
Background Pony #624C
@Background Pony #07FD  
Yet, there’s more quadreped pony, then anthro’. Not to mention lots of humanized, and EqG art, and nobody complains about this becoming a “humanized” site.
You can also filter out anthro’ if you dislike it that much. Though, you need an account for that.
Background Pony #624C
@Background Pony #28A0  
Why can’t artists draw both? I like anthro’ just fine.
I think you’re kinda exaggerating as most anthro’ artists mostly do anthro’ already, and hardly did quadruped ponies in the first place, and there’s many that can do both. I don’t know why some bronies have a stigma with anthro’, or humanizations. I like a variety of styles.
Background Pony #7AF8
I hope you’ll keep drawing ponies and I hope you won’t switch to anthro instead. This is well-done, but it’s always sad when so many artists have stopped drawing ponies and then only do anthro or just draw ponies a lot less in favor of more anthro. and that being said, I love glimmer and I hope we get to see more art of her from you in pony form.
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~

If this is your first try at a anthro or human body, than do it more, because this is fantastic. We can always use more realistic body types to balance out with the more fantastical ones.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I keep thinking if we saw a tiny bit of crotch behind her right thigh it would negate the length of the left thigh a little bit. Maybe try it as an alt version, see if it works?
Love the socks, too. Hope you do more anthro stuff in the future.
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Ya I see what you mean with the thigh, though I believe it’s the same length as the other one, so maybe I just made both too long. Also thank you, I’m glad it mostly looks alright!
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

For a first attempt, that’s pretty damn good. Better than a lot of artists who’ve drawn nothing but anthros for years. Good anatomy & very sexy. Only detail to focus on is the left thigh looks a bit elongated.
Only a nitpick, though. Looking forward to more.