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Praise The Sun - Queen Celestia
Sun Goddesses come in regal and lewd flavours.
Schoolgirl, Wet, Cum, Futa and Teen edits on my Patreon
suggestive148570 artist:twistedscarlett601118 princess celestia96876 alicorn233474 anthro270151 ass51046 blushing205148 bottomless14026 braless1100 breasts289395 busty princess celestia10607 clothes477070 cutie mark49890 dress46148 female1404995 looking at you176208 no panties2323 smiling262192 socks68696 solo1096707 solo female183946 spread wings57259 stupid sexy celestia1613 sunbutt4217 thigh highs38278 wings123742


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Wait. I think I have an idea how I could make the fabric do that. It’d take some engineering though.
Basically there’s be a support bar under the breasts that held the fabric in place. And to hold the bar in place it’s tied to the collar underneath. The ties would go up between the breasts to the collar.