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Webm of the gif I uploaded. Again, the work is by fantasyblade. Honestly, this one is a better quality.
explicit398286 artist:fantasyblade539 edit150173 double diamond1767 fluttershy231523 pegasus374092 pony1247342 ahegao28441 animated108810 blowjob35854 blushing227624 creampie36299 cum89505 cum in mouth12226 cumming26428 deepthroat5922 doggy style8692 doubleflutter2 equal cutie mark1563 equalized497 facefuck2488 faceless male5440 female1536709 flutterbutt6283 from behind15532 group sex17738 holding head2745 hoof on head523 lidded eyes36342 looking back69352 looking over shoulder4312 looking up19465 male435254 mare578189 mmf threesome1925 no sound5163 nudity429939 offscreen character41092 open mouth183657 oral55194 penetration69674 penis178129 sex141047 shipping222525 spitroast3301 stallion138608 straight153475 teary eyes5282 threesome11969 throat bulge3935 unknown pony228 vaginal46541 vaginal secretions44674 vulva150791 webm17812


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Meanwhile, Twilight’s friends: Fluttershy is taking a long time to free us. Twilight: Don’t worry she’s fine, I am certain she will set us free any minute now.