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Usually a Prince would fall for Princess or maybe Guardsmare but the Prince of Friendship has fallen for a certain prideful magician. 

Requested by: 3D4D on deviantart
safe (1429573)artist:turnaboutart (125)trixie (56083)twilight sparkle (260574)alicorn (163647)cutie mark (33926)dusk shine (2025)female (760350)half r63 shipping (1471)kissing (20102)kiss on the cheek (1183)male (258102)mare (335459)rule 63 (22726)shipping (164550)simple background (290917)stallion (73018)straight (109505)transparent background (151910)trixshine (50)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102134)twixie (4460)


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