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safe (1425527)artist:erufi (90)applejack (147418)bow hothoof (766)rainbow dash (203395)rarity (157194)scootaloo (46449)windy whistles (1594)earth pony (147390)pegasus (187070)pony (688163)unicorn (202110)... (1845)annoyed (4311)cheering (605)clothes (354603)comic (89237)costume (21570)crying (35622)cute (147912)dashabetes (6626)dashface (382)exploitable meme (32563)eyes closed (67742)female (757025)filly (50298)floppy ears (41199)foam finger (221)frown (19547)glare (7557)grin (27916)grumpy (2053)liquid pride (157)male (256715)mare (333796)meme (73338)model (539)modeling (227)one eye closed (20286)open mouth (103828)rainbow dash always dresses in style (1377)raised hoof (31987)reaction guys (97)sitting (45949)smiling (182566)so awesome (184)sparkles (3315)squee (1793)stallion (72646)stubble (235)thought bubble (2472)unamused (11256)wavy mouth (2928)wide eyes (14255)windybetes (150)wink (18611)


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12 comments posted
Three out of four ponies found Dash’s new humiliating costume to be amayzing. Why is she even embarassed if most of the audience love this new style?
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