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explicit398829 artist:fishimira355 twilight sparkle324893 human186878 pony1249404 unicorn412315 2 handfuls of dem hips1547 3d95442 anatomically incorrect4642 animated108905 ass63383 bad anatomy726 bed47691 bedroom12760 butt149416 carrying2542 cum89621 cumming26464 duo97655 eyes closed113410 faceless human705 female1538882 fleshlight sparkle7 gif37866 horn105696 human male7311 human male on mare3896 human on pony action11377 interspecies26079 living fleshlight13 male435950 mare579260 nudity430591 open mouth184075 orgasm14542 penis178379 sex141272 small pony120 source filmmaker56151 straight153659 tail55380


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I like the size of the pony in this animation…just slightly bigger would be perfect but this is still fine. Too big and it starts to look like actual human on horse action which isn’t my thing (but isn’t that also technically what this is? lol)
My reasoning sounds stupid but it makes sense in my head xD
Background Pony #5E6C
What exactly is anatomically incorrect about this? Sometimes I suspect the people who apply that tag take a “if it doesn’t look exactly like a real horse, it’s incorrect to me” approach…